Havasu Fresh Harvest! 

Lemon Basil Microgreens

Lemon Basil Microgreens

0.75 Ounces

This basil has a strong lemon flavor, followed by the typical sweet and spicy flavor of traditional basil. This is a great microgreen herb, perfect for fish and chicken dishes. We like to stuff it in grilled fish, but it’s also great pureed into sauces.


Shelf life:  5 to 8 days. Flavors are best when used in 1 to 4 days. Fresh basil towards the end of life can take on a brown oxidation similar to bananas, it is still edible, just not a pretty looking.  


Storage:  Basils hates the cold, and will spoil turning black in very little time if placed in a refridgerator. Store at room temperature.