Havasu Fresh Harvest! 

Farm-to-Home Bundles

Farm-to-Home Bundles


Please check this week's bundle items listed below, as the picture is an example of past Farm to Home Bundles and recipes made from the bundles. Our farm bundles are always changing in the selection given based on popular market crops, delivered straight to your door. 


April 3rd 2021 - Delivery:  Farm-to-Home Bundle

1x -  4oz Large Bag of Oakleaf Lettuce 

2x -  2oz Pink Oyster "Bacon" Mushroom Boxes 

1x -  1oz Empress of India Microgreens herb Box

1x -  1oz Spicy Salad Mix Microgreens Boxes

1x -  1oz Detroit Red Beets Microgreens Box 

(Spicy Mix is an avocado toast must-have!)


Unlike CSA programs that require you to take on the full risk of crop failure with no guarantee of delivery, our Farm-to-Home Bundles always come with a full refund guarantee if we are unable to harvest your order for any reason.