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Unbe-leaf-ably Tasty Salad

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Let’s. Talk. Salads. Salads are a go-to lunch when you’re looking for healthy on the go, and with the right ingredients, flavors, and textures, there’s no reason for them to be boring.

We’re still dreaming about this salad we tried a while back. It features two different kinds of lettuce: our own green oakleaf and a head of Cherokee lettuce we bought from Diamond R Produce at the Lake Havasu Farmers Market.

Then there are the microgreens. We used sunflower shoots for a nutty twist (an irresistible complement to tangy feta cheese) and spicy salad mix micros, which contain not one but six different microgreens: broccoli, kale, kohlrabi, arugula, red cabbage, and southern giant mustard.

Finish things off with a handful of crunchy croutons and sweet honey mustard dressing.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Oakleaf lettuce

  • Cherokee lettuce

  • Sunflower shoot microgreens

  • Spicy salad mix microgreens

  • Seasoned croutons

  • Feta cheese

  • Honey mustard salad dressing

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