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Lion's Mane– It's Good for the Brain!

And it kind of looks like a brain too!

These incredible mushrooms contain a couple of chemicals called hericenones and erinacines that can stimulate the growth of brain cells.

What’s more: lion’s mane has been shown to prevent damage to neurons at the hands of beta amyloid plaques (accumulations of protein fragments) which are present in alzheimer’s disease. The ability to promote nerve growth and shield neurons could prove helpful in protecting the brain from Alzheimer’s-related damage.

The same goes for injuries to the brain or spinal cord. Our friends hericenones and erinacines may speed recovery by stimulating nerve growth and repairing cells, all while reducing inflammation, which could help reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Like we said: lion’s mane– it’s good for the brain! Want more sources on the impact of these powerful mushrooms. Check out this post from Healthline.

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