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How to use microgreens

“How do I use microgreens?”

It’s a question we hear frequently at the Lake Havasu Farmers Market and the answer is simpler than you might think.

First, a word about microgreens

Microgreens pack a serious punch when it comes to flavor, and they’re loaded with nutrients, offering up to 40% more vitamins than the full-grown version of the same plant. While microgreens do make for a wow-worthy garnish (you may have seen them at some local restaurants), they’re capable of so much more.

Here are some simple ways to implement them in your diet:


There are endless possibilities when it comes to salads, and because there are so many different microgreens (all of them with their own flavor profile), the opportunity for experimentation just grew. We recommend getting creative with it, but if you aren’t sure where to start, we might be able to provide some inspiration:

Red acre cabbage micros are a wonderful addition to nearly any salad. Their fresh, sweet cabbage flavor adds a new depth of flavor. We like tossing them in a bowl with some oakleaf lettuce, a little avocado, and of course a few croutons.

If you’re making a salad that’s on the sweeter side, we recommend going with some sunflower shoots (nutty flavor), and cantaloupe shoots (melon flavor) go a long way in making summer salads pop.

**Tip: When shopping at the Lake Havasu Farmers Market, make sure to stop by Diamond R Produce’s stand for other salad goodies like tomatoes, carrots, onions, berries, and more.


Similar to salads, sandwiches are versatile, and they work well with almost any microgreen. Red rambo radish microgreens go great on spicy Italian subs, and dark opal basil microgreens would shine on a Caprese sandwich. Don’t forget to try microgreens on burgers!

**Tip: Sunflower shoots provide a snappy, nutty bite to sandwiches. If you ever run out of lettuce, these guys make a marvelous replacement.


Microgreens are packed with more vitamins than the full-grown version of the same plant. They make a great addition to healthy smoothies, providing an extra, nutritional punch. Cantaloupe shoots have the perfect hint of melony sweetness, and sunflower shoots pair nicely with a berry smoothie.

There are so many other yummy uses for microgreens that if we were to include all of them, we’d run out of blog space! They can be blended into sauces, used in desserts, stuffed in fish, added to soups, and so much more! We’ll be sharing plenty of creative recipe ideas here on our blog, so make sure you sign up for our e-newsletter to stay updated!

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