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#HavasuFresh Havocado Toast

Avocado toast has become somewhat of a staple at our house, and that’s not just a millennial thing. Avocado toast is filling and easy to make, and with the addition of microgreens, it’s highly nutritional!

Microgreens like the red acre cabbage pictured above carry up to 40x more nutrients than the full-grown version of the same plant! We figure all of the protein and vitamins packed into our microgreens should help make up for the massive quantities of bread we’re eating, right?

Here’s the recipe for the toast pictured above:

  • Multi-grain bread, featuring sunflower seeds

  • 1 avocado, half-smashed & half-sliced

  • Sunflower shoot microgreens

  • Red acre cabbage microgreens

  • Tomato slices

The fun part about avocado toast is the opportunity. With the huge variety of bread, microgreens, and other toppings, the possibilities are endless. We recommend you get creative with it. Try some red rambo radish for a spicier kick, or if you’re looking for something sweeter, give cantaloupe shoots a try!

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