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Dressing up Dinner

Dinner doesn’t have to be expensive OR time-consuming to be luxurious. With a pinch of microgreen garnish or a few fans of exotic mushrooms, you can take the average Tuesday-night dinner and give it a restaurant flair.

Pink Oyster Macaroni & Cheese

Ordinary, boxed mac & cheese becomes extraordinary when you add new flavors and textures with shredded cheese, tomato, green onion, and delicious, fried pink oyster mushrooms.

We simply pan-fried some pink oyster mushrooms, setting a couple of small fans to the side for a garnish and slicing the rest. The sliced bits were mixed in with the mac and the additional shredded cheese. Then we topped it with fresh green onions, diced tomatoes, and the garnish mushrooms we set aside earlier.

Microgreen topped hashbrown breakfast

We already made a post about microgreen-loaded hashbrowns, and since breakfast for dinner is a favorite at our house, we found it worth sharing again. Add an oozy, yolky egg and you’ve got yourself a whole meal.


Top Ramen: the budget-friendly favorite of many college students. It’s easy to spruce up ramen with a fresh-cracked egg added to the broth. Green onions also make a flavorful addition. We like to include sunflower microgreens for a nutty addition. Fair warning, though: these microgreens oxidize quickly in the heat of the ramen, taking on a dark green color.

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