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5 Mushroom FUN(gi) Facts

Mushrooms are incredible organisms. They aren’t quite plants and they aren’t quite animals. They’re rebels, carving a space out in the animal kingdom all on their own.

They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and the edible ones (the types we grow) are generally loaded with nutrients. Some even have healing properties to them, like lion’s mane, which has been shown to support nerve health.

But that isn’t even the “fun” part of this post. Blow your mind with these 5 mushroom FUN(gi) facts.

  1. There are over 10,000 individual species of mushrooms.

  2. The largest known organism on the planet is not the blue whale. It is actually a mycelium network that’s visible from space.

  3. Some mushroom species are bioluminescent which means they can emit light. (Ferngully, anyone?)

  4. The mushrooms we grow are actually just the fruit of the larger mycelium network. What an apple is to a tree, a mushroom is to a mycelium network.

  5. Every mushroom is edible at least once. 😉

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