About one week before each harvest date, we will list online what items are in stock and available for purchase. You can explore, shop, and pay for your order as you would at any online store. 


When you pre-order here, you are purchasing a reserved portion of the crop due to be harvested in the near future. Should anything go wrong with your crop harvest, we will offer an alternative crop available or a full refund. 


All items listed in our store are still in their final stages of growth before we can harvest them. These are not items harvested, sitting in long-term storage losing nutritional content and robbing you of shelf life. When we say fresh, we mean it is fresh in the truest form.


          Once your order is placed, your food will not be harvested until it is close enough to the pickup/delivery date selected during checkout. Depending on how early in the week you make your purchase it could be a few days until the next delivery or pickup day is available. All pre-orders are harvested the night before or the day of delivery to lock in that Havasu fresh quality! 



            Even if an item you want shows sold out, continue to check the website for updates as the harvest date gets closer. We may find our harvest will be larger than anticipated and we'll list more items in stock online before the farmers market or scheduled delivery days. 

Items marked sold out with a banner saying "coming soon" means we are growing this crop, but it is to soon to start presales of the harvest just yet. Keep checking back or sign up for our harvest newsletter to be the first to hear about harvest updates.



        We are launching our online orders with FREE pickup at the Lake Havasu Farmers Market, which is located at The KAWS every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month. You can find The KAWS address and all the dates of the Lake Havasu Farmers Market listed at the bottom of every page of our website. 

As we work toward weekly harvests  (fingers crossed for mid-February 2021), we will schedule more local pickup & delivery dates for those who wish to order on non-farmer market weeks. As we schedule more crops we will update the harvest dates listed at the bottom of every page of our website.       

We offer curbside pickup for anyone who doesn't wish to enter the farmers market . Once you arrive at The Kaws/Lake Havasu Farmers Markert and call (928) 766 - 0906. We will bring your order out to you.

Local Pickup



      We hope to offer “Home Delivery” on a trial run basis, starting in February 2021. Home delivery will be available for all addresses in Lake Havasu City limits for a $3 fee and FREE for all delivery orders over $20. We will call the phone number entered at checkout before delivery to confirm you are home and how you wish for your order to be delivered. 

For customers who would like our "Ding Dong Ditch" service, please let us know  and we will be more than happy to provide you contactless delivery. We will call upon delivery to make sure you know your fresh produce is waiting outside. We do not offer refunds on food that spoils if it is accidentally left outside too long.


          Our harvest newsletter subscribers are always the first to know when crops are available for pre-order before we make any posts on Facebook. Giving you first dibs on grabbing a hold of your favorites. We also will send out discount codes at various times of the year as a thank you for your support. 


Click HERE to view the page with our harvest newsletter sign-up form. We do not believe in selling or sharing our customer's private information.



Food Safety 

        We follow "Good Agricultural Practices" to ensure our fresh produce is safe from a wide range of microbial life. Strict sanitation procedures are in place for all food-contact surfaces while harvesting to limit the risk of cross-contamination. Our tools, equipment, and grow spaces are also regularly steam-sterilized before, during, and after use.

As a family farm, founded by a science teacher, we take food safety to an even higher, nerdier level. We conduct regular lab culture testing by swabbing grow spaces and work surfaces to ensure they are free of E.Coli and Salmonella.